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*** IMPORTANT ***  This section applies to images  in the " Clients "section only, if you wish to order any of the images in the " Galleries " section of the site, please use the "Add To Cart " button located at the top and bottom corners of the page.

Colour Correction

Images displayed for selection on the internet are colour corrected prior to uploading. All images selected for print are rechecked for accurate colour prior to ordering. All images are colour corrected to ensure that the colours presented in the image are as close as possible to the colours that were present on the day of image capture. That being said please be advised that due to the vast number and variety of colour monitors available on the market for use, it is virtually impossible to guarantee that what you are seeing on your colour monitor is the same as what I am seeing on mine.


All images can be cropped, some cropped images are usually provided which are selected by me but any image may be cropped to your liking. If you have an image that you would like to see a cropped version of please provide me with the image filename and the type or size of crop desired, and I will provide a sample for your approval.


Image filenames can be found immediately below the image, if you do not see any image filename below your image please hover your mouse over the desired image and the filename will appear. The number at the end of the filename is the important part, please pay attention to any hyphenated numbers at the end of your image filename.

Example       20131225_XXXXXX_MG_0012      or      20131225_XXXXXX_MG_0012-2

*** The underlined portions of the examples is the essential part to ensure accuracy when  completing your order. ***

Photographic Sheet

A photographic sheet is an image or combination of images that can be printed on a single  8 x 10 sheet of photographic paper. 


1  @ 8 x 10 Print    = 1 Photographic Sheet

2  @ 5 x 7 Prints    = 1 Photographic Sheet

3  @ 4 x 6 prints    = 1 Photographic Sheet

4 @ 3.5 x 5 prints  = 1 Photographic Sheet

8 Wallet Prints       = 1 Photographic Sheet

8x10 diagram
5x7 diagram
4x6 diagram
3 5x5 diagram
8 wallet diagram


All images selected for print are retouched to remove any dust, scratches or background irregularities. Other retouching services are available, please contact for information and pricing.

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